Shantou Jintai Aquatic Product Industrial Co., Ltd

Located in Haimen, Shantou city with well-developed transport and rich seafood, Shantou Jintai Aquatic Product Industrial Co., Ltd has been engaged in processing, importing and exporting aquatic products for over 20 years.

It covers an areas of 4000 square meters, factory building of 14800 square meters, cold storage capacity of 3500 tons, production capacity of 80 tons/day, annual production capacity of 10000 tons and has advanced processing and cooling equipments in the world like steam cooker, spiral freezer, tunnel freezer, shrimp peeler, tube ice maker, plate freezer, metal detector, flake ice maker, single/double style chiller etc. Meanwhile, it has room for 400 staffs, including 80 engineers and technicians with good caliber and rich experience. Main products are white vannamei shrimp, black tiger shrimp, sea caught shrimp, squid, frog legs, tilapia and crab, which are exported to USA, Canada, EU, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Middle East, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

As a modern processing enterprise, it endeavors to provide healthy and top quality products for its customers since August 2012. All products are processed and controlled by HACCP rules, EU directives of 2004/852EC, 2004/853/EC, 2004/854/EC, Sino-Korean Aquatic Products Agreement, BRC and BAP standard.